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Because the Soul is conceptualized in different ways by disputing scholars, it is not easily understood when taught by someone of inferior intellect. Unless taught by someone else with superior credentials, there is no progress in understanding this subject. The soul is inconceivably subtler than the subtlest material object.

The Teacher of Divine Science must not be of inferior intellect, but of superior credentials. And, the Student of Divine Science must be skillful and talented. For the idea to be taught and understood, we need both a competent Teacher and a talented student because the subject of Soul is inconceivably subtler than the subtlest. There is no doubt that a Chemistry student will stumble against several obstacles in understanding the subject if he does not have a Chemistry Teacher who knows the subject thoroughly and who has superior teaching skills. The same is the case with Divine Science. The Guru-Teacher must have enough credentials to be an authentic Source, while the student must have all the qualities to be an authentic Target. An incompetent teacher will be like someone with bandaged eyes – he cannot lead a blind person to a destination. People with flawed visions all come up with differing theories – they do not know for sure; they engage in conjecture.  Concerning this teaching that only a teacher of superior credentials can teach the Knowledge of God and Soul, we quote the following story of Satyakaam Jaabaal from Chhaandogya Upanishad 4:9:2: Satyakaam one day went to the home of his teacher.  

The Teacher said:  

My dear! You shine like someone who knows God.  Who has taught you?

Satyakaam said:  Teachers other than ordinary human beings have taught me, 

but I wish that you, Sir, may teach me now.

Because, Revered Sir, I have heard from Teachers like you, that Knowledge gained from a bona fide Teacher best helps a person to attain his end. 

The Teacher then taught Satyakaam everything, without leaving anything out. 

Vedic teachings shine in that souled student who loves his Teacher as much as he loves God, says the Shwetaash-watara Upanishad in the verse below:

Yasya deve paraa bhaktir – Yathaa deve tathaa gurau

Tasyai’te kathitaa hi arthaah – Prakaashante mahaatmanah – 6:23

Yaask Muni, in his Nirukta 2:4, talks of Teacher and Student as follows:  

Knowledge once approached a Teacher saying:  

Protect me, I am your Treasure.  

To him who is scornful, who is not honest, or who has no self-control… 

…Do not expound me; thus shall I grow powerful.


Him alone whom you know to be pure and diligent,

who is intelligent, who observes the rules of chaste studentship,

who never bears enmity towards you,  

To him, O Teacher, expound Me to protect your Treasure!!]