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About us
Maharshi Dayananda Gurukula (MDG)
The Maharshi Dayananda Gurukula, MDG, is a 20,000 square feet private residential Vedic school situated 100 feet from the Atlantic coastline of tropical Guyana, South America.

This campus is satellite to its New York, USA MDG headquarter institute that has been a beacon for the community for the last 30 years. Side by side, and in accordance with Dharmic principles, MDG is committed to meeting the modern day need of commingling age-old spiritual learning with the age-old need for employment-based education from Grades 7 through 12.

MDG is led by a Superintending Acharya and is overseen by a school board made up of educators and social workers. The current Acharya is Dr. Satish Prakash, a Sanskrit alumnus of Gurukula Kangri University and former Assistant Principal of Paul Robeson High School, New York City.

For MDG administrative and governance purposes, MDG is organized into two geographically based regions, North America and South America. In addition, the institution engages in robust online programs of weekly Havan and Vedic lectures that reach a global audience from the Americas to the South Pacific.

MDG is established to restore and maintain the Dharmic heritage of the Indian Diaspora in the Americas and through its online programs it is reaching the world.

Since 1837, the plantation economy of the new world extracted laborers from India among other countries. The colonial education system regularized English, French and Dutch based education in the colonies and as such the Indian Diaspora, like other Diasporas, is being faced with the threat of cancellation of Dharmic based culture in Guyana, Suriname West Indies, Fiji, Mauritius and South Africa.

MDG’s mission is to upkeep the Arya/Hindu traditions in the Americas by shining the Indic light of wisdom that was pervasive in the Vedic Period. MDG believes that certain universal and perennial truths of Life and Living are to be unlocked from Vedic literature and promulgated in a unique school that blends Vedic and vocational studies. This pedagogical approach is necessary to balance the twin wheels of progress in a student’s formative years as he or she matures into being a responsible global citizen. MDG is equipped with physical, online and skilled human resources as it is answering the clarion call to educate the human mind and lessen suffering. An established Gurukula in the Americas led by Sanskrit and English scholars shall meet this vital need of the English-speaking Indian diaspora.

about us

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We educate

Sanskrit LanguageCultural MusicVedic TenetsYogic StudiesHindi LanguageHavan, Sandhyaa and SanskaarsPurohitaa TrainingAyurveda

We build

Мaintaining Aryan/Hindu traditions in America by shining the Indian light of wisdom that was prevalent in the Vedic period. MRC believes that certain universal and eternal truths about Life and Life are to be unlocked from the Vedic literature and promulgated in a unique school that brings together Vedic and professional studies. This pedagogical approach is necessary to balance the two wheels of progress in the student’s formative years as he or she matures into a responsible global citizen.

We help

Providing spiritual education for the soul in an accessible format worldwideTo fill the gap in early childhood education for the youth in our local community


One of the mottos of the school is to promote social, cultural, and humanitarian activities designed to address the problems that exist in society and to arrange for the spread of Vedic philosophy.We aim to preserve the culture of the community, including our language, music, and religion.Another aim of the school is to improve the physical, social, and spiritual state of being of both its members and non-members.By donating, you are helping to maintain family values and traditions through Vedic teaching and education for all who cannot afford it. You are helping to develop this institution on a global level and help many around the world.
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