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Society is always made up of scholars and laymen.  Some scholars are merely degree holders; they have a tremendous wealth of literal knowledge but are unable to apply that knowledge to find solutions to their problems and the problems of other people. Such degree holders often create problems in their own families and at work sites.  Their life is a huge mess.  There are, however, other scholars who have engaged in intense studies and might not have been awarded university degrees but have a tremendous skill of working among people and looking for solutions to challenges. Such scholars include teachers and preachers, mothers and fathers, professors and students, social project leaders and volunteers, etc.  

Laymen, on the other hand, maybe skilled artisans and craftsmen making high-quality products but are not schooled to think in terms of philosophy, logic, and metaphysics. They do not know ancient scriptural writings and so, are unaware of, and insensitive to, questions and answers related to the origin of the universe, to birth, growth, decay, death, rebirth, and emancipation. These souls are unripe in spiritual understanding, they fail to exercise discrimination between right and wrong, and they end up suffering from emotional turbulence. 


Other than degree holders and laymen, there are genuine, bona fide teachers and preachers whose knowledge is practical; their knowledge is wisdom that works. Their training makes them very articulate in speech and they present wisdom in a way to engage the attention of all whom they reach out to. Are you in the category of people in need of wisdom? Do you know who you are, where you have come from, and where you go when you pass on?  Do you know why people are born and why they have to die?  Why do you feel so much fear and anxiety, so much lust, anger, and greed?  How can you be free from these destructive inner feelings?  The foregoing are some questions that everyone will one day ask, or will be encouraged to ask. And, he must have satisfying answers.  He will not work all his life in factories, in offices, and on the roads. Someday, he will suddenly stop, sit up, and wonder about these questions, and will not rest till he finds answers.