Given the violence and corruption that have inundated human society almost all over the world, the Veda gives out a call for all of us to pool our efforts to help build a new society that transcends violence, fear, and lamentation.  This is the time for humanity to experience love, peace, mutual respect, and universal brotherhood.  Let’s strive to create such an atmosphere in which these values can be realized. The Veda advises that while we lay bases for a new dispensation, women must be cow-like and men of horse-like nature. A cow is the very embodiment of love and benevolence. A horse personifies speed and strength. When women start resembling cows in their behavior and men begin resembling horses in their behavior, then they, in their family life, will give birth to children who will carry on the family tradition of love, benevolence, strength, and speed. One noble family influences another family to be noble, and this is the foundation of a whole new generation!  Strive to realize a unity of hearts, a concord of minds, and a complete absence of hate. Love each other unconditionally the way a mother cow loves her newborn calf, the Veda teaches. When we begin practicing these ethics, we can say that our neighborhood, our city, state, province, and country has no violence of any kind because, with a concord of hearts and minds, we all cherish the same feelings and objectives, and no one hates anyone – everyone is kind to the other person.  And, if and when a family from a violent neighborhood wants to relocate, they may very well look for our kind of area where gentlewomen and strong men live! And they will turn to God, saying: We have finally found the neighborhood we want to live in, and we happily say:  Away with the violence, fear, and lamentation we have experienced for such a long time. Here we have graceful people with whom we want to associate! We will become gentle like them!  We will be strong like them, and we will live in joy like them!

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