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Unlike quite several people who have recently passed on, you and I are very fortunate to see a new year come to our doorstep.  We are nearing the end of 2023 and are about to welcome 2024, and on this crucially important occasion, I strongly recommend that we pause for a moment and reflect on the year that just passed.  In reflecting, let’s ask ourselves some questions:

  1. In 2023, other than physically, in what ways did I grow?  
  2. Did I learn to look more silently and more deeply at people and events around me?
  3. Do I now understand why people speak and act the way they do?
  4. Did my errors in judgment cause me emotional disturbance?
  5. Am I sorry for what happened? Have I resolved not to repeat such errors?
  6. In 2023, how many people have I done wrong to? 
  7. Am I able, willing, and ready to release myself from the guilt associated with wrongdoing?

Further reminiscing on my 2023 conduct, I ask the following: 

  1. Was someone expecting a word, a smile, a hug, and a pat from me that would have made them feel a higher sense of self-esteem? 
  2. Did I fail to deliver that word, smile, hug, and pat? 
  3. If I did fail them, can I make a fresh start now that 2024 is about to commence?

For life’s journey in 2024, let’s bear in mind:

  1. In the struggle for a prosperous life, someone will always do better than us.
  2. Someone will always have more than us.
  3. Someone’s life will always look more impressive than ours.  
  4. But, none of what they think or do must ultimately matter, because our life will feel right for us based on our resources, values, priorities, and needs.

And so, in 2024, we must resolve to walk away 

  1. from people who never see our worth and will put us down, 
  2. from fights that will never be resolved, and
  3. from things that will vex and poison our souls.

The more we walk away, the more we will smile from within and the healthier and happier we will become. The older we get, the more we will realize how much nonsense we’ve wasted our time on.

And, So, Our Guiding Resolution For 2024 Will Be:

Forgive people you don’t understand and understand people you want to forgive.  It will make a world of difference, for, in the end, it is always between you and your God; never otherwise.

Finally, A 2024 Wish For Everyone:

  1. May everyone at home and in the neighborhood be happy and free from sickness.
  2. May no one lose their source of income and thus be entrapped in debt.
  3. May children excel in academic studies and be responsive to elders.
  4. May smiles indicative of tolerance and understanding decorate our inner and outer persona.