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Our diploma programs
Vedic Studies Diploma

Earn a Diploma in Vedic Studies, consisting of courses in:

1. Vedic Philosophy
2. Vedic Psychology
3. Applied Sanskrit
4. Applied Hindi

Ayurveda Diploma

Earn a Diploma in Ayurveda, consisting of the following topics: 

1. Introduction to Ayurveda
2. Elements of the Universe
3. The Doshas and Tattwas
4. Attributes of the Universe (Gunas)
5. The Five Koshas
6. The Dhatus
7. The Six Rasas (Tastes) and Your Health
8. Bringing it all together (Summary)
9. Digestion and Food 
10.Food as Medicine
11.Pillars of Wellness
12.Panchakarma – Basic cleansing Methods
13.Boosting Immunity Through Ayurveda
14.Intermittent Fasting

Yoga Diploma

Earn a Diploma in Yoga, consisting of courses covering the following topics: 

1. Key Yoga Principles 
2. Understanding Suffering
3. Outer Yoga Practices
4. Inner Development

Sanskrit Grammar Studies

Earn a Diploma in Vedic Studies, consisting of our series of conversational, written and verbal Sanskrit language courses:

1. Sanskrit 100
2. Sanskrit 200
3. Sanskrit 300
4. Sanskrit 400
5. Sanskrit 500
6. Sanskrit 600

Karma Kaanda Studies

Earn a Diploma in Karma Kaanda Studies, consisting of courses in:

1. The Psychology of Karma Kaanda
2. History Of Sanskaar
3. The Sanskaar Vidhi of Rishi Dayananda
4. Pre-Natal Sanskaars
5. Post Natal Sanskaars
6. Educational Sanskaars
7. Other Sanskaars
8. The Theory Of Yajna
9. Fire, Fuel, Utensils And Offerings
10. Panchaang – The Indian Calendar

Indian classroom with students learning Hindi, featuring a teacher at a blackboard and students engaged in conversation and listening activities, textbooks labeled from Hindi 100 to Conversational Hindi 2.
Diploma in Hindi Studies,

Earn a Diploma in Hindi Studies, consisting of our series of conversational, written and verbal Hindi language courses: 

1. Hindi 100 – Basic Grammar
2. Hindi 200 – Intermediate Level
3. Hindi 300 – Advanced Level 1
4. Hindi 400 – Advanced Level 2
5. Conversational Hindi 1
6. Conversational Hindi 2 

Diploma in Ashtadhyayi Applications

Earn a Diploma in Ashtadhyayi Applications, consisting of courses in: 

1. Ashtadhyayi 1
2. Ashtadhyayi 2 – Kārakīya: An Exposition On Kāraka
3. Ashtadhyayi 3 – Sandhi: Euphonic Combinations
4. Ashtadhyayi 4 – Nāmika: Declension of Nouns
5. Ashtadhyayi 5 – Ākhyātika: Conjugation of Verbs

Knowledge for the Soul

Dr. Satish Prakash has held workshops on his various publications, translations and transliterations around the world, livestreamed since 2003. Now, we are very pleased and honored to offer online courses through our courseware platform, allowing for easy access to register, access course materials and take tests/examinations. Our platform is simple, easy to navigate and an all-in-one solution for students of all ages and backgrounds.
The Guyana Gurukula offers courses on almost every Hindu text, including the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Raamcharitmaanas, etc. In addition, important components of the Arya Samaj are offered in various workshops and shorter form courses, like Sanskaars (Rites), the Hindu Calendar, Becoming a Pandit (Priest), Havan & Sandhyaa (Rituals), and Science in the Vedas. Longer-form courses are of interest to many students who wish to engage in language learning, as we offer Beginner to Advanced Hindi and Sanskrit classes every term. Not all courses are offered at all times – various courses start and stop throughout the year, so watch for the start date of a course you may be looking for! We offer: Occasionally, 2-3 day workshops on a specific topic, title release or area of social interest will be held via livestream. Attendees can register via the same educational platform for courses and follow along via livestream link. If you have suggestions for future course topics or know an interested instructor, please let us know via our contact screen.

Our students span the entire globe, from within an Arya Samaj/Hindu background and externally. We have approval from the Ministry of Education of Guyana to operate a secondary educational institution and we are in the process of obtaining approval for accreditation to provide post-secondary education. These accreditations are internationally recognized, and we strive to become a recognized school internationally, attracting university-level students and improving our curriculum year after year. Our students also span all ages, from 5 years old to 85+. Feedback from our students is important to keep our Gurukula and educational platforms running smoothly and confidently, and we welcome feedback in all its forms.

Our course material comes from various researched, peer-reviewed and official sources, such as theses, dissertations, peer-reviewed articles, translations and transliterations completed by both Dr. Satish Prakash and other venerated scholars of these topics. We present multiple ways for our students to learn and relate all topics back to the philosophical way of living and how this learning can practically be used and benefit our lives, the lives of those in our community, and the world as a whole.

In this way, among other future developments of our Guyana Gurukula, we hope to lessen human suffering and keep the world noble.