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Father’s Day celebration – Father’s Value and Role

On Father’s Day, many of us celebrate our earthly Father. 

Rishi Dayananda, in the Satyarth Prakash, beautifully reminded us of the value of the parent-child relationship. 

Par yah baat sakal jag maanat

Sut swa-bhaaw pitu maatu se aawat

The whole world knows that a child receives his personality principally from his parents. 

Dehi maatu pitu jetee shikshaa

Mile na owr kaahu se dikshaa

No one can educate a child as much as parents can.

Dhanya dhanya wah vansh hai

Aho dhanya santaan

Guru jan-nee ow janak jisa

Mile jyaan ke khaan

When the Mother, father, and teacher are knowledgeable, the children also become knowledgeable.

Dhanya so kul jaha maatu kuleenaa

Dhanya so sut jo pitu aadheenaa

Guru soi dhanya jo hit anu-sara-ee

Pitu soi dhanya putra hit kara-ee

That family is blessed when:

  • The Mother is from a virtuous background
  • The Father makes choices to benefit the child
  • The Teacher diligently strives to protect the child
  • The child is obedient to parents

Pitri-shravanam yo dadaashad asmai somo dadaati

A person who surrenders his time/skills/resources, Unto him God gives a child who will increase his glory.


Father: Janak – He who helps to give birth

                 Pitaa – He who protects while the child grows.

Om twam Vedo’si

Ashmaa bhava

Parashur bhava

Hiranyam astritam bhava


At birth, the father whispers this mantra to the child, promising to love, educate, and equip him to face the challenges in life. As the father becomes elderly, the grown child garlands him and lovingly whispers the same to the Father, promising to take care of his (the Father’s) needs, to make him smile and love him, so that he is never afraid. The same way his father protected him all his life.


Dr. Satish Prakash