Question: If we practice devotion to God and commune with Him through prayers and chants, wouldn’t such spiritual practices destroy our sins? If God does not forgive our sins, then why should we focus on Him in intense chants and meditations – of what use are such practices?

Answer: Performing ritual-worship and reciting verses do not remove sins. A person invariably experiences suffering for all wrongdoing. Engaging in devotion to God yields a fruit different (from that of forgiveness of sin). Listen carefully as I talk of that fruit.

Singing divine praises gives rise to love for God, takes away vicious inclinations from the devotee’s mind, and paves the way for a reformation of his qualities, actions, and character. The devotee’s courage then becomes intense, and he ultimately aligns his personal qualities with those of God.

The domain of arrogance is a virtual hell in which souls are continuously tortured. Devotion brings on a delightful realization of the Supreme Lord which counteracts the experience of that arrogance.

Singing God’s Praises – Positive Results
(When we sing and extol the qualities and actions of God), then our human qualities and actions begin to resemble those of God. We consequently practice justice on Earth the way God practices justice in the cosmos.

There are those who sing God’s praises merely from their lips but, still, in their hearts, they are focused solely on enjoying sense pleasures. They engage in injustice, cruelty, and (other forms of) sin. (As a result), they are oppressive and vile in their behavior. Most times, they consume intoxicants.

Such people derive no genuine benefit from singing God’s praises because they are mere low-class flatterers. However, those who devote themselves to God and consequently reform their conduct and character are genuine devotees of God. God loves them.