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Laws are found operating in every department of human experience. A law is a certain rule that either induces man to act, or restrains him from acting. Laws that regulate the actions of people living in a community or country are made by humans. They can be changed if they are found to violate essential human rights. There are other laws, made by the Cosmic Creator, God. These laws are moral laws that God infuses in man for his self-direction and self-preservation. The cosmos does not basically change and so, unlike human laws, cosmic laws also do not change. Cosmic laws are divine, eternal laws. This Mantra describes Eternal Law as follows:

  1. Eternal Law has fast-acting, restraining powers that are as ancient as this cosmos itself.
  2. Reflecting on Eternal Law removes thoughts of vice and transgression.
  3. Reciting word-sounds of Eternal Law stimulates and purifies human minds.
  4. These word-sounds, well recited, open up the deaf ears of the living.