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Is This Current Creation The First One?

Rishi: No, there was never a first Creation, and never will there be a last one. [We know that] day precedes night and night precedes day; day follows night and night follows day. In like manner, creation and dissolution follow each other rhythmically and uninterruptedly. 


Creation follows dissolution, and dissolution follows creation. Creation precedes dissolution and dissolution precedes creation. This rhythmic cycle has been progressing with regularity and constancy since eternity. This cycle has neither a beginning nor an end. However, just as we see the beginning or end of both a day and a night, in the same way, a period of creation and a period of dissolution has a beginning and an end. 


God, Soul, and Matter are eternal by nature, whilst creation and dissolution are eternal by rhythmic cycle – they follow each other uninterruptedly in alternate succession.  This rhythmic cycle is comparable to the continuity in the flow of a river. Such a flow is uninterruptedly uniform and continuous.  A river flows for a while, then becomes shallow; it even dries up and disappears in the hot summer, but in the rainy season it [rises with flood-like fury and] is seen to flow again. God’s Qualities and Nature are eternal, and so are His Works – the Creation, Sustenance, and Dissolution of the Cosmos [in addition to revealing Veda and awarding Souls the fruits of their actions].