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Until now, I have lived for, and by, the senses.  I have worked for high salaries, surfed the internet, played around with electronic devices, been to movies, danced all night at parties, consumed intoxicants, eaten all types of food, traveled extensively, and done so many other things.  However, these have proven to be short-lived pleasures. I am now tired of them. I wish to start living a higher quality life, of joy.  Previously, I never attended religious services and never listened to scholars teaching wisdom. Recently, however, I started reading ancient writings like Vedas, Upanishads, and Darshanas, and now, I am desirous of connecting with God in pursuit of lasting joy.  I have resolved to worship, praise, and meditate on God, and to do so, I have decided to rise very early in the morning. This time seems to be most suitable for such meditations because we do not hear regular daytime noises, like cars moving, birds chirping, and people talking.  At this time of day, one experiences a serenity not felt when the world is awake.  

In my deep search, I have discovered one of the best things about God.  As soon as any one of us, His children calls out to Him for help, He is readily available to respond to our call because He is always on the move, and is found everywhere at all times. His own, real and primary Name is OM, but He has countless secondary Names which point to His countless Qualities and Functions.  So, we can call out any one of His Names at any time, any place, and in any circumstance.  I have also found that when one surrenders his inner self to Him, God is so pleasing to that devotee that He inspires a kind of joy that supersedes all sense pleasures a devotee can experience.

So, as you listen to this transmission, would you be willing to wake up early in the morning and begin laying the bases for a higher quality of life?