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We cannot deal with anything other than the daily demands of living life. We labor to avoid death, even though we know death is unavoidable.  We feel that any higher notion – of Soul, God, and Freedom – is just illusory; it cannot be realized, and so, it just does not exist. Our focus is summed up in one phrase:  This world, the immediate world around us, beyond which there is no other world. The water of such worldliness enters into, and fills, our lifeboat; the lifeboat, weighed down, can go no further in the World Stream clogged by the Moss of Lust, Anger, Vanity, and Greed, and ultimately it sinks.  

Unfortunately, most people know only of Physical Death, the Death that causes the exit of the Soul from the body.  Rishis explains that this is not the sole form of Death we human beings experience in Life. Moment after moment, our lifeboat sinks into disappointment, tension, and sorrow. This is Spiritual Death, and several times each day we die spiritually.  People fear Physical Death; they are not aware of, and so, do not fear Spiritual Death. Death-as-Teacher says that a person who spiritually dies every moment has to undergo Physical Death again and again until he awakes to Spiritual Illumination. Compare: People who are addicted to sensual pleasures are engulfed in the blinding darkness of ignorance.  They deny the existence of both God and their own Soul. After death, they go to those states of experience that are commensurate with their actions – Eesha Upanishad 3.

[The following words of the Royal Saint King Bhartrihari relate to the contents of this current Katha verse:

Aadityasya gataa’gatair ahar ahah 

Sanksheeyate jeevitam

With the sun rising and setting everyday, life becomes shorter and shorter.

Vyaapaarair bahu-kaarya-bhaara-gurubhih 

Kaalo na vijyääyate

Engrossed in multiple mundane tasks, man fails to notice the passage of time!

Drishtwaa janma-jaraa-vipatti-maranam 

Traasas cha no’tpadyate

People feel no anxiety when they witness birth, advance of years, suffering and finally death.

Peetwaa moha-mayeem pramaada-madiraam 

Unmatta-bhootam jagat

Oh, the world has consumed the wine of delusion and has become intoxicated.


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