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A woman one day, returning from shopping, climbed up the bus and sat down beside a man, hitting him multiple times with her numerous bags.

When the man remained silent, the woman asked him why he did not complain when she hit him with her bags. The man replied with a smile:

“There is no need to be upset about something so insignificant, as our journey together is so short. I’m getting off at the next stop “

This answer disturbed the woman so much that she asked the man to excuse her. She thought the words were so impactful that they needed to be written in gold.


Each of us must understand that our time in this world is so short, that darkening it with useless arguments, jealousy, not forgiving others, discontentment and bad attitudes is a ridiculous waste of time and energy.

Did someone break your heart? Stay calm.

The trip is too short.

Did someone betray you, intimidate, cheat, or humiliate you? Relax – Don’t be stressed.

The trip is too short.

Did someone insult you without reason? Stay calm. Ignore it.

The trip is too short.

Did someone make a comment that you didn’t like?

Stay calm. Ignore. Forgive them and love them still for no reason.

The trip is too short.

Whatever problem people bring to us becomes a problem only if we think of it. Remember that our journey together is too short.

No one knows the length of our trip. No one has seen tomorrow. The past is gone and the future never really comes. We are always in the NOW. Nobody knows when our stop will arrive.

Appreciate friends and family. Keep them in good humor. Be respectful, kind, loving, smiling and forgiving. In so doing, you will be filled with positivity and joy. Choose your path, the only one that will ultimately lead you to freedom and emancipation. Think of it – You really don’t have much time. Why? Because the Trip on the Bus of Life is very very short. Ah!