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Empowering Women Through Education: Insights from Ancient Wisdom

The Importance Of Women Being Educated

Gargi is the name of a great Rishiskaa [a female Rishi living in ancient times]. The Shatapath Brahman [14:6:6] describes her as having fully studied Vedic Knowledge and having become an accomplished scholar.

How can husband and wife fully cooperate if the husband is educated and the wife is not? In the absence of education in the wife, there would be [loss of understanding and] constant disagreement at home, and the basis of happiness and prosperity would be destroyed. 

Kaikeyi was King Dashrath’s queen. She is known for having been a skilled expert in the science of archery called Dhanur Veda. [With her knowledge], she was helpful to her husband when he was fighting the enemy on the battlefield and she saved him in a time of extreme emergency.

So, women must be like men in acquiring varied skills in grammar, (in basic medicine, Arithmetic, handicraft, fine arts, etc.].  Without these skills, she would not be in a position to manage her home, like rearing and training good children and managing health and other issues.

A million thanks to those blessed parents who instill in their children values of high morals and learning. Such chaste, moral-minded, educated youngsters demonstrate high culture while interacting with elders in society. They consequently earn lofty commendations, they bring smiles to everyone’s face and they become a source of pride for their parents.   

[Chaste youngsters use these values to perfect their bodies and minds.]

All storehouses finally become empty, but knowledge and learning make up such a treasure chest that never becomes empty.  In being taught to others, learning as a storehouse never diminishes but keeps increasing. 

No one can steal anyone’s learning and it cannot be snatched away by competing parties. It becomes an obligation for the government and people to constantly increase the store of learning and knowledge in the country. 


The Gift Of Knowledge Is The Highest Gift

There are multiple kinds of gifts in this world, like gifts of gold, food, butter, [water, cows, land, clothes, sesamum, etc.]. The gift of Knowledge, however, is far superior to all these other gifts. [Material gifts may benefit some people for a limited time], but the gift of knowledge makes everyone happy for a lifetime. 

Disseminate Vedic Knowledge Everywhere

So, Oh beloved [teachers and preachers]! Make every effort to the best of your ability to ensure that knowledge and culture never suffer from decline. Teach and preach sacred writings and [consequently] joy and wealth will descend in all human communities.


(From the New Book, Satya Saagar) 

Dr. Satish Prakash