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With Historic English Translation
Written in 1933 by
Pandit Ayodhya Prasad
Third Arya Samaj Missionary In Guyana
Originally from Calcutta, Bengal, India

Om dyauh shaantir’anta-riksham shaantih
prithivee shaantir’aapah
shaantir’osha-dhayah shaantih.
Vanas-patayah shaantir
Vishwe devaah shaantir
Brahma shaantih
Sarvam shaantih
Shaantir’eva shaantih

May there be peace in the heavenly region.
May there be peace in the atmosphere.
May peace reign on Earth.
May waters be soothing and may medicinal plants be healing.
May plants be the source of peace to all.
May all enlightened persons bring us peace.
May the Vedas spread peace throughout.
May all other objects give us peace.
May peace even bring peace to all.
And may that peace come to me ever.
Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.

(Courtesy: The Translator’s Famous Book, titled Gems of Vedic Wisdom, published in 1933.)