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Shri Ram – Today is his birthday

Shri Ram – Today is his birthday

What makes Shri Ram worthy of our highest respect and reverential feelings?

When we focus on the life of Shri Ram we get the following ideals:

  1. He was conceived by his parents as per Sanskar traditions. His birth did not happen by accident. He was a planned child.
  2. He grew up with values instilled in him by his parents, teachers, and elders around him.
  3. Since childhood, he used to talk to his parents with great respect.
  4. He treated his brothers with the utmost brotherly love. He proved to be an ideal elder brother and sister.
  5. He was educated in Gurukul and was taught the Vedas and other ancient texts. As a student, he excelled.
  6. As part of his upbringing, he knew the importance of protecting justice.
  7. He married Mother Sita as per established traditions.
  8. One of the greatest qualities of Shri Ram was depicted in the fact that at one time he was to be crowned the king of Ayodhya. About an hour later, he was asked to abdicate the throne to his younger brother and leave the kingdom to live in exile. In this situation, he smiled. There was no remorse or reluctance visible from both his mind and his outer face.
  9. While in the forest he challenged and defeated those who were bent on destroying religion.
  10. When Shri Ram lived in the forest, the most powerful warrior-king of that time, Ravana, had kidnapped Mother Sita. Shri Ram left no stone unturned to save the honor of his wife.

Today, nearly 18 million years after he lived, you and I continue to respect, even worship, him for the values he espoused throughout his life. Traditional texts give the title of Maryada Purushottam, who was the best human being who respected the established traditions.

Let’s go to our temples tonight and focus on His life. Over the years, we have highlighted his image. Let us now resolve to examine his life and adopt some of his ideals.

Dr.Satish Prakash

New York Gurukula, USA and Guyana

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