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Na saam-pa-raa-yah prati bhaati baalam

Pra-maad-yan-tam vitta mohena moodham

Ayam loko naa’sti para iti maanee

Punah punar vasham aa-pad-ya-te me – [1:2:6]


A person deluded by the glamour of wealth becomes heedless like a child, and so, ideas of Transmigration and Emancipation do not appeal to him.  He thinks that this is the one Life he has to live – there is no other Life that follows.  Such a fool falls again and again into the clutches of Death.

[The World was meant to be a Field in which to cultivate seeds of Virtue that would germinate and blossom into Values leading to Freedom.   Unfortunately, in pursuing Profit, Wealth, and Power, we allow the bushes of bad inclinations and vicious desires to grow unchecked, and the Field becomes a dark Jungle breeding and harboring Snakes of Lust, Anger, Greed, Infatuation, and Vanity. As we walk in darkness, we are bitten by these Vice-Snakes, or we step on, and get entangled in, thorny bushes of poor inclinations and poor choices.  As a result, we stumble, we fall, we bleed from cuts, and we cry for help, with no one coming forth.   While living, we feel imprisoned as if in a Dark Tomb, seeing nothing beyond our immediate reach and grabbing only at pleasure shadows. In between, elevated souls remind us that if we consciously look, we will find escape routes in the Jungle and, if we intelligently plot our path amid obstacles, we can slowly, but surely, arrive at the other end of the Jungle where Freedom and Light are awaiting us. But, alas, we pay no attention to what these elevated souls say. Set in our ignorant ways, we firmly feel that:

  1. There is only one life to live – we are never born again.
  2. Birth marks the beginning of this one life, and so, it is cause for jubilation.
  3. Death marks the end of this one life, and so, it arouses great anxiety and fear while we live.
  4. We must make the experience of life between the points of birth and death as pleasant as possible by accumulating wealth, power, and prestige.