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Each one of us is a link in a long chain.  The chain is as strong, or weak, as each link is.  We are encouraged to be strong, radiant, smiling, honest and accommodating. Each one of us brings our plate to the table of life, and each plate is different but equally important. If someone performs below your expectations, do not abuse him for his so-called stupidity and incompetence.  It’s just that he does not know how to perform the way you perform.  No one is born stupid. All you have to do is to switch on the light of understanding in his mind – that is your sweet Namaste to him.  You will see him smile in appreciation, and that smile will be his sweet Namaste back to you.  An extended meaning of Namaste is The divinity in me bows to the divinity in you. How beautiful and serene is this divine salutation! So, whenever you see professors, scholars, laymen, parents, old folks, youngsters, skilled and unskilled people, so-called ugly and handsome people, poor and rich people, black, white and brown people – put your palms together, place your clasped palms near to your heart, bow your head, and say: With all the power in my body, with all the devotion in my heart, and with the limited understanding in my mind, I bow to the soul within you – Namaste! So much love flows when such an exalted, elevating statement is made, and yes, so much love is generated in the heart of the person who receives this greeting.