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I hear about God every place I go, whether it is a town or village, club or school, temple, mosque or church, or the houses of rich and poor, scholars and laymen. But where is this God?  Troubled for a long time by this doubt, I visit with a saintly scholar, and he tells me:  Your God is present everywhere, but you can more easily find Him inside of you.  Each one of us is like a musk deer famous for its fragrance coming from its navel. Sadly, the deer frantically looks outside for the source of this perfume and runs wildly in every direction.  In the same way, we fail to find Divine Fragrance, God, inside of us, and we, in a deer-like manner, destroy ourselves outside by uncontrollably colliding with Rocks of Vice on Sin Mountains.  If you fail to find this Divine Fragrance [God Himself] by looking deep inside, then intensely look outside for a prolonged period, and ask: Who arranges for the sun and stars to shine, air to flow, and day and night to follow each other uninterruptedly?  Who gives heat to summer, cold to winter, and coolness to Spring and Fall? Who causes birds, animals, and humans to make their distinct sounds? Who causes vaporization and condensation to allow for rainfall?  Who causes food to get digested to nourish the body and mind?  When you arrive at some clues, then close your eyes, turn your attention inside, and ask the question: Who causes me to feel courage and fearlessness when I resolve to do something virtuous and to feel the pangs of fear, shame, and doubt when I resolve to commit a sinful act?  Now, open your eyes; get up and go look for more clues from those people who associate with each other in reverence, love, and harmony; look for clues from those who engage in profound meditation for long hours; and again, look for clues from those people who perform holy rituals, sacraments and sacrifices.  Observe how they speak, how they think, and how they act. You will see that they live for a purpose beyond working, eating, sleeping, mating, and interacting. They live with the consciousness that, far beyond, there is a destination where they will one day arrive. That destination is synonymous with freedom from the meshes of vice and sensuality, triviality and finitude, fear and insecurity – freedom from bondage and misery!  That freedom is synonymous with the attainment of God-consciousness!